What Causes Blackheads – Causes Of Blackheads

Despite all the advancement in Cosmetic world, people like you and me are still facing the problem of having small spots or bumps on our nose and even sometimes on our cheeks, called the blackheads. One of the major reasons of having blackheads is not, due to of lack of dermatologist, home-made remedies or even creams but is; unawareness regarding the question “ WHAT CAUSES BLACKHEADS ?

What Causes Blackheads - Blackheads CausesWhat Causes Blackheads – Blackheads Causes

What Causes Blackheads – Causes Of Blackheads

The plausible factor’s which cause blackheads are listed as follows:

HORMONES Major Reason Of Blackheads

One of the major reasons among the causes of blackheads is the hormones and their production height. Hormonal changes in your body incite or aggravate acne. Normally, these changes are common in teenagers both male and female. The presence of higher levels of these hormones in the skin causes the stimulation of the sebaceous glands, which produce oily substance. Excessive production of this oily substance makes it difficult for the glands to excrete the oil properly, resulting in oil getting accumulated and clogged pores. The dead skin cells are mixed with too much oil and once they are exposed to air, the air causes the mixture to oxidize and turn black.


Another reason can be that you have a family history of acne i.e. if one your parents has this problem you can in inherit it from them , thus making this an innate problem rather than due to hormonal change or some other reason.

UNCLEAN SKIN Causes Blackheads

If you do not keep your skin clean, especially during puberty time it’s likely that you might have to face the problem of blackheads. Improperly cleaned skin makes it more apt that the pore becomes clogged as more and more dead skin cells build up within the pores. The blocked pores accelerated the buildup of oil inside –thus causing blackheads to form.


Androgen, a type of hormone that triggers the oil production, increases during pregnancy. And due to androgen the pores become clogged which causes the blackheads. Acne during pregnancy, including blackheads, can come and go at any time and change in its degree of severity.

BACTERIA Causes Blackheads

Another cause of acne to remember when asking “ What are the causes of Blackheads ? ” is the bacteria that normally thrive on the skin. These bacteria are known as to cause acne, and they are responsible for causing the condition to develop in the first place. According to many studies, acne developed as these bacteria emit substances that trigger redness and inflammation.


Stress is something every one of us is familiar with, and even though it has not proven yet that whether or not is stress one of the blackheads causes? But there are people who believe it to be so i.e. blackheads crop up when your skin takes a strain.

COSMETICS Main Cause of Blackheads

When we are asking what causes blackheads then how can we leave out one of the most common and major reason i.e. cosmetics? Sleeping with your make up on and not cleaning your face after putting on some makeup leads to blocked pores. This eventually leads to blackheads.


Studies have discovered that alcohol and caffeine has an adverse effect on your skin. Stimulants in caffeine triggers skins oil glands and similarly alcohol reduces the size of pores making them more susceptible to clogging.


Smoking leads to acne, by blocking the skin pores. It also deters with treatment of blackheads. Cigarette smoke contains fine particles of tar, ash and many other chemicals which damage the upper layer of your skin causing you to have more dead cells and blocked pores which causes blackheads.

Beside all the reasons mentioned above regarding the cause of blackheads there are also certain myth’s concerning blackheads causes or what causes blackheads ? Such as the food you eat, although our parents have been telling us to avoid eating chocolates and greasy food as they encourage the formation of acne but in reality the food has no effect on emerging of blackheads or making them worse. So you need not to miss out the luscious and delicious food in life.

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