How to remove pimples

No one can stop the formation of pimples. These little trouble makers can easily spoil your days and leave behind unpleasant scars on skin. Pimples can be a blot on the beauty of your skin if you dare to squeeze them.  Everyone wishes to get rid of them as soon as possible. Before you google how to remove pimples please find  if you are not having allergies ? Check if you are having any harmony change or get done with your blood test to be sure that you have to deal with your skin only.

So now If you really are having pimples and you want to get rid of them. This page will definitely help you to know how to remove pimples effectively and without any side effects. We will tell you all what we have experienced. All you have to do is to follow simple remedies of our article.

How to remove pimples at home:

Before going to any doctor or to dermatologist. You can ask your elders for home remedies for pimples or acne.  For a reason, home remedies will never cost you a side effect. Or simply follow us for acne or pimple treatments. Lets see what useful and easy tips we have collected for your worries about how to remove pimples.

Diet: Take care of diet: We have seen a lot of teenagers with pimple problems asking How to remove pimples to every person they meet. Please understand anything that happens to you, be it as small as a pimple or a major problem. You have to overview your eating and eating habits. Even for little annoying pimples you have to avoid oily food, Eat raw vegetables and intake lot of water and natural fruit juices.

Learn How to remove pimples -


After diet here we are with little home remedies, Using toothpaste is the most famous and my personal remedy for how to remove pimples. Before you go to bed, apply toothpaste on your fingertip n touch your pimples. Do check whether toothpaste is covering pimples else re-apply toothpaste on each. You will find a significant improvement in the morning.

How to remove pimples with toothpaste

Lemon juice and Garlic:

Another easy and yes self experienced remedy to get rid of pimples is application of lemon juice or of a garlic on pimples. Before you sleep, have sliced clove of garlic, rub them gently on pimples. Sleep happily. You will find pimples getting dried in the next morning.

How to remove pimples at home


Mint and Honey water :

This is a remedy my mother told me, when I asked her how to remove pimples. To get rid of pimples and to get fresh and glowing skin you should drink 4-5 glass of mint and honey water. To make it get a bunch of fresh mint, boil it in water for 20 minutes and then add 4 teaspoons of honey in a jug of mint water. Drink it in morning before you eat anything and see difference for yourself. For further useful details you can see our previous posts about how to get rid of pimples.

Tips to remember !

Never Squeeze them

Never touch them

Never do over cleansing or scrubbing

Keep your soap, towel, and creams separate.

Last but not the least – Be consistent to the treatment.

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  1. my skin is oily, and i have only scars on my face, not acne.
    kindly recommend me some remedies or solution for remove acne scars
    thank you!

  2. Mery chehry py bohat acne hai mai bohat ilaj kara chuki magar koi dark nhi plz mujy koi to hal btao spot bhi bohat hain chehra bhi dark ho gaya

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