How to remove blackheads

Blackheads are common problem for glowing skin. Especially for those with oily skin blackheads are really a worrying part. But before you think of squeezing and pulling them somehow, WAIT ! because in this article we have collected easy solution for Blackheads and ways for how to remove blackheads effectively.

Why do we get blackheads?

Blackhead is a black spot, usually on the chin, forehead and sides of the nose. They can be elsewhere on body but majorly they are problematic on face.  Blackhead are the first stage of acne. They occur because of the hormonal changes in body or the excess of oil in the skin. There are many conditions that may cause blackheads. But Sometimes blackheads can happen by using oily makeup.

Remove blackheads

How to remove blackheads at easily

We understand It is very difficult to remove blackheads. Never squeeze them it really would not work.  Remember if a blackhead gets infected by you squeezing, it might swell and turn into a paining pimple. So we suggest everyone to remove blackheads as soon as they occur but HOW to remove blackheads ? Let us tell you.

First step towards removing blackheads is to take care of the skin DAILY. Monthly cleansing & exfoliating will never help till you take care of your skin daily.

At home, Steaming and Deep cleansing is always a better solution for blackheads.  For more resistant blackheads, after steaming you can press them gently with hot towel.

How to remove blackheads -

You can also use Olive Oil and lemon juice for the removal of blackheads. Simply mix Olive oil with a few drops of lime juice. Apply this mixture for 15 minutes and wash away. You will see the difference clearly. For a complete chapter of remedies, you can always see home remedies for blackheads to treat them easily.

how to remove blackheads

How to remove Blackheads with tools

If you ask us How to remove Blackheads with tools. Yes, there are some very common tools like Blackhead Extractor to remove blackheads. But If you are attempting to remove the blackheads by yourself, make sure you use sterile materials with proper care. Before using any tool we recommend to know your skin type and complete method of using tools.

Tools to remove Blackheads


Blackheads should never be allowed to stay on your face. They look ugly and cause pimples and then acne. Fight against Blackheads by following some simple tips and tricks given in our article. You will have clear and beautiful skin in days.

Tip to remember! Before you go to bed, you should be cleansing your skin whether you have blackheads or not. And if you are professionals, try deep cleansing to keep skin clear of blackheads. These tips will never let you ask anyone how to remove Blackheads.

Stay Beautiful Stay Confident !

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