How To Get Rid of Pimples

A scary word in Feminine dictionary is pimple. It can happen to anyone at anytime but when it comes to women; pimple is almost a bomb that makes them scream. Easy ladies its not a bomb you can always handle pimples easily and immediately. In this article we have got all easy and effortless tips to answer how to get rid of pimples

What is pimple and why we get it?

Before you ask how to get rid of pimples , it’s important to know what is Pimple?  Pimples and Acne are alike and the most common skin disease for adolescents. According to a British Medical Journal (Clinical Evidence, Authors: Sarah Purdy, David DeBerker):  More than 80% of teenagers get pimples and acne at some point. Just like acne,  Pimples are small skin inflammations. They are oil glands of skin which are infected with bacteria. They swell up and then fill with pus.

 How To Get Rid of Pimples

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How to get rid of pimples on your own?

Lets us help you to know how to get rid of pimples by simple skin treatments that won’t take your much time and effort to deal efficiently.

Diet:  Number one treatment for any health or skin issue is Diet – while discussing how to get rid of pimples Researchers from New York University reported that diet high in dairy, oil and sweet increases the risk of developing pimples, So avoid them.

Washing your face twice a day – Not more often but make sure you have a mild soap. Use warm water. Do not scrub the skin.

Do not pop (burst) the pimple – By popping pimples you may push the bad infection further in skin. Popping pimples can cause more serious blockage and do worse swelling and redness. Popping pimples also increases the risk of scarring and serious acne.


how to get rid of pimples


Avoid touching your face – While suggesting tips about how to get rid of pimples Dermatologists emphasized strictly NOT to touch pimples – this may require willpower, but try to refrain from touching your pimples.

Clean  Glasses (spectacles) – if you wear glasses, don’t forget to clean them regularly because they too collect sebum and skin residue.

Wear Loose clothes – if pimples are on parts of your body covered by clothing, like your back, shoulders or chest, wear loose clothing and allow your skin to get air and breathe fully.

Be careful with Makeup – Don’t use others makeup and make sure you have taken all your makeup off when you go to sleep. Only use makeup that is oil free.

Sun exposure – Sunlight may sometimes result in the production of more sebum. Make sure to have a sunblock before you go out in sun.

Be careful when you shave – If you are having pimples on face, be very careful. Before shaving soften the skin with warm, soapy water or shave after a warm shower.


These are the self taken treatments you can always do to get rid of pimples But if you have got pimples for the very first time then your worry about how to get rid of pimples is answered shortly in two words >>> Personal Hygiene. Instead of getting worried and “googling” how to get rid of pimples just take care of your skin. Take shower daily, tie your hair tightly, keep your hands and nails clean by washing them regularly. Keep your nails clipped. BUT if your pimples are growing into acne then do read precautions and effective treatments about How to get rid of acne in our previous posts.

 These easy words can really save anyone from getting embarrassed or getting annoyed with pimples. All you can do is to take out time for you regularly. We have shared easiest tips to handle pimples, you can also help teens under toe of pimples.


how to get rid of pimples


Summarizing;  How to get rid of pimples in 5 Tips

Don’t pop or squeeze pimples.

Never do Over-Scrubbing or Over-Cleansing.

Don’t buy Products for Acne or pimples on your own.

Never get lazy to see a dermatologist if pimples are effecting skin.

Stay clean and Stay Safe.


Good Luck !

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