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blackhead removal tool – Why does it happen when any blackhead appears on our face everybody tells us not to pop it out or to even touch it. But let’s face it, most of us pick them up or pop them out as they give a disgusting look, but there are different blackheads removal tools which are easily available in market and handy to use. blackhead removal tool should be used with proper care.

Blackhead Removal Strips

The first one and easy to use Blackhead removal tool is the “strip”, It is the most readily available blackhead removal tool from any chemist or beauty shop. These strips can easily be used at home; they are usually used to remove blackheads from and around nose area. It is adhesive in nature and easily removable like a sticky tape. This blackhead removal tool is consisted of charcoal (mostly) Charcoal ingredients remove, blackheads, waste materials, sebum and dead skin cells on the skin. Charcoal is dark grey residue consisting of carbon, and any remaining ash.

 Blackheads removal strips

A very major function of charcoal is purification and filtration as it attracts impurities to itself. All you have to do is wash your face to remove oil and dirt, wet the area to be treated and paste the blackhead removal strip on it and let it dry for five to ten minutes, afterwards it has dried remove it with a light tug, and you will see tiny sprinkles on the black side of the strip.

Blackhead Removal Pin

The second most commonly used Blackhead removal tool is the “pin” or “extractor”, this tool is mostly used at the parlor or saloons for removing blackheads. Most of the people also use this blackhead removing tool at home. But a little care should be taken while using this tool. It is a long pin shaped tool with a loop at one end and a small spoon with a hole in its center at the other end. The blackhead extractor tool is best used when the pores have been exposed to steam, meaning the pores are more open. If the loop side is used, the tool should lightly poke the skin, which can free the blackhead from the pore. Then, using the spoon-shaped side, the hole should be placed directly over the blackhead, and then gentle pressure should be applied. If the blackhead does not come out with this pressure, you should not continue to attempt extraction because it can cause scarring. A cleansing toner or perhaps cool water should be applied to the skin in order to calm it following extraction.

Scrubs as Blackhead Removal Tool

Last but not the least one blackhead removal tool is to exfoliate or scrub. These scrubs are very easily available in market (apricot one) and you can make this tool by using simple kitchen ingredients. Splash warm water on the face several times or use a warm wet washcloth. You only need to scrub gently to keep your pores unclogged. While mild, nourishing scrubs may be gentle enough for everyday use.

After using these blackheads removal tools, splash with cold water to close pores. Rose water or toner can also be used. Have a healthy and blackhead free skin.

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