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Blackheads, a very common skin problem but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it. Blackhead Extractor is a very common thing used to get rid of blackheads. To extract blackheads is sometimes easy but results are not desirable, so by following simple precaution you can get blackhead free skin.

Blackhead extractor can be a “pin” a “tweezers “or simply a package of finger and washcloth.

How to use Blackhead extractor?

Before using blackhead extractor prepare your skin by following steps.

  1. Sterilize your blackhead extractor in case of pin and tweezer by simply dipping it in antiseptic solution which is easily available in market or use your nail color remover.
  2. Take a washcloth or a small towel, soak it in warm water the ring it and cover your face with it, repeat this two to three times as the towel cools down, this will help in opening pores which supports extracting blackheads.
  3. Press the hole of the blackhead extractor over the blackhead and press gently. The dirty contents should come out through the hole without damaging the surrounding skin.
  4. Use the spoon side of pin to remove sebum at the side of the nostrils, the dip of the chin and from ears.
  5. In case of tweezer as a blackhead extractor, gently press it by holding tweezer between thumb and index finger just like you pluck any hair.
  6. After using blackhead extractors sooth up your skin by applying toner or any astringent. Rose water can also be applied with cotton ball to close pores.

For using a washcloth or tissue with fingers to extract blackhead, follow the subsequent steps

  1. Wash your face with usual scrubs to loosen up the blackheads on your face and dry up with a towel.
  2. Cover your both hand’s index fingers with the tissue or washcloth tighten up the treatment area and very gently extract blackhead by pressing each finger on either side of blackhead.
  3. It should come out easily but don’t repeat this procedure as it can give your skin rash or bruise.
  4.   Sterilize your skin when you are done by wiping it with an anti-bacterial wipe
  5. Apply a clay or mud mask to purify the skin, soothe the skin and reduce redness. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes and remove.
  6. Use a mild moisturizer or day cream afterwards.

Following are the tips and care to extract blackheads

  1. Make sure the lighting is good in the room when you are extracting blackheads.
  2. If you try to extract blackheads without washing your face first, you risk infection, septic or more breakouts.
  3. Do not use your fingernails and come over to the blackhead to squeeze. This could hurt, break the skin and cause an infection and scarring.
  4. Do not force the blackhead out. You could damage your skin.

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By using these simple techniques once in a week to extract blackhead you can get clear and blackhead free skin.

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